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Labial Tightening

Throughout the aging process vaginal tissue loses its vitality, wrinkles appear, and elasticity is reduced due to childbirth and collagen fibers fatigue. Laser labial tightening is a procedure aimed to tighten the labia major and the labia minor. Labial tightening changes the size and shape of the labia, making them smaller and correcting an asymmetry between them. At Laser Aesthetics of Colorado, our laser labial tightening patients find the treatment to be a better option for labial tightening than more invasive alternatives.

Candidates for Labial Tightening

  • Patients wanting to improve the aesthetic of the vagina after childbirth
  • Patients wanting a vaginal rejuvenation without the major downtime required by surgical procedures
  • Patients seeking a treatment for stress urinary incontinence

About Labial Tightening

Vaginal rejuvenation using laser treatments causes the lining of the vagina to be refreshed and has been proven to improve the architecture of the vaginal lining in studies involving biopsied tissue. The treatment provides a restorative effect to the entire vaginal lining which can cause a number of benefits for post-pregnancy and post-menopausal women. Laser labial tightening offers many of the benefits of surgical procedures, without requiring four to six weeks of recovery and surgical pain. Generally, laser labial tightening requires just a few days of abstinence from sexual intercourse to allow to desired results to occur.

How Labial Tightening is Performed

Labial tightening is achieved using a device that is pointed at the area to be treated, focusing highly efficient thermal energy on the collagen fibers. The laser affects the collagen structure, initiating an unraveling process and causing a natural healing process to begin. The healing process results in new, healthier collagen fibres that provide a more youthful appearance and function to the treated area. Treatment time depends on the patient but generally takes about 30 minutes.

Most of our Centennial labial tightening patients report little to no discomfort during and after the procedure. Depending on the patient, follow up procedures may be required to provide the desired result.

Due to the sensitive nature of this, we do not show pictures. Please call or contact us or book online for a free consultation.