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Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks are, unsurprisingly, caused by the stretching of the skin. They are more extreme when coupled with an increase in cortisone, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Cortisone weakens elastic fibers in the skin aiding in the development of stretch marks. Stretch marks develop for a variety of reasons. A few of these include pregnancy, weight gain, corticosteroid creams, systemic steroids, Cushing’s syndrome, Marfan’s syndrome, and adrenal gland disorders.

Stretch marks are effectively treated using lasers in conjunction with post procedure products. At Laser Aesthetics of Colorado, our Centennial stretch mark removal patients experience a life-changing reduction in the appearance of their stretch marks.

Candidates for Stretch Mark Removal

  • Patients with visible stretch marks, either resulting from pregnancy or other factors
  • Patients that have had little or no success masking stretch marks using various products
  • Patients not planning a pregnancy after treatment

About Stretch Mark Removal

The appearance of stretch marks can be permanently minimized using various types of lasers. The two most common laser treatments for stretch marks are pulsed dye laser treatment and fractional laser therapy. Different lasers are used to target different types of stretch marks, so one or multiple lasers can be used depending on the treatment. In any case, the lasers provide results by stimulating new collagen and elastin growth in the targeted area. The new collagen and elastin replaces the old, damaged tissue to provide a rejuvenated appearance.

How Stretch Mark Removal is Performed

No matter which laser technique is used, the laser is administered directly on the stretch mark to stimulate new tissue growth. Our Centennial stretch mark removal patients report mild discomfort, if any at all, during the treatment. Depending on the patient’s skin tone and the type of stretch mark, any number of follow-up treatments may be required. Laser treatment can also be combined with the use of post-procedure topical products to achieve and maintain the final result.


Stretch Mark Removal Before & After