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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are an increasingly popular alternative to going through the daily trouble to apply fake eyelashes or using an eyelash curler. More and more people are turning to eyelash extensions for the everyday convenience as well as the ability to choose a specific desired look. At Laser Aesthetics of Colorado, we offer our Centennial eyelash extension patients a variety of options so each patient finds the look they’ve been looking for.

There are three types of eyelash extensions: silk, synthetic and mink. The sizes available for reach range from about 6mm to about 17mm. Once the length and type of eyelash extension is decided, the individual lashes are applied one at a time in a process that takes roughly two hours for a full set of lashes. The lashes are bonded using a semi-permanent glue that will not damage the eye or irritate the area the way some temporary lashes can. The natural lashes are also unharmed when using eyelash extensions. There are different glues available for patients that might have an allergic reaction to one glue or another.

Once completely applied, eyelash extensions can be maintained long-term. The eyelash extensions will fall off gradually as the natural lashes they are attached to fall out. For this reason we suggest a touch up appointment about once a month. This time frame can be different depending on the patient and how quickly their natural lashes grow.

There are a seemingly unlimited number of possibilities for eyelash extensions. Along with length and material, patients can also choose how many extensions they want. This decision is generally made in consideration of the condition of the natural lashes and how thick or thin they are on their own. Many patients start with about a half set of eyelash extensions and then see how it works for them. It is always possible to further fill out the eyelashes with extensions.

At Laser Aesthetics of Colorado, we are extremely careful to minimize the risks associated with applying eyelash extensions. Additionally, the glues used to apply the lashes is entirely non-toxic and thus the worst possible side effect would be a simple, temporary allergic reaction.


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